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Learn how to facilitate one of the world's most effective methods for rapid community building!

“I love facilitating the Offers and Needs Markets. They are a connecting force reminding us that what we need already exists and what we have to offer is welcome.”

Tannur Ali

Community Facilitator

Imagine you had a clear way to guide communities through challenging times. A simple way to help people connect, build partnerships and meet each others’ needs. An inclusive way to build trust, community and confidence. An effective way to reduce environmental waste.

There is a way.

In an Offers and Needs Market, community members meet (virtually or in-person) for a facilitated process lasting 1-2 hours.

In small, rotating groups, people share their offers and needs with the ability to determine availability, urgency, and location, and whether an exchange would involve payment, barter, negotiation, or be gifted. From offers of language classes, to finding an accountability buddy, anything's possible at an Offers and Needs Market.

Since 2011, a handful of community development practitioners have been facilitating and refining the Market process. Now, for the first time ever, they're bringing the process to a group of practitioners.

Starting June 4th, you can be trained in how to lead the Offers and Needs Market process – one of the world's most effective  methods for enabling people to share their gifts and have their needs met.

“There is enormous value in people coming together for the Offers and Needs Market and exploring new ways of thinking, acting, and being.” – Riane Eisler, author, Real Wealth of Nations

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“I love the Offers and Needs Market because it taps into the oldest structures by which people exchanged goods, services, care, and food. Now more than ever, we need collective strategies to engage in a collaborative economy.”

Adrienne Maree Brown

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

“I was floored by the efficacy and utility of the Offers and Needs Market. Our organization is investing in staff training to incorporate the Offers and Needs Market as a regular agenda item in the participatory grant-making meetings we facilitate.”

Ellie Lanphier

Philanthropic Services, RSF Social Finance

Learn How to Facilitate the Market

Training Benefits and Outcomes

  • Discover a simple, clear way to guide communities through tough times.
  • Learn how to facilitate inclusive meetings where you are relaxed and in-control.
  • Feel valued as a community facilitator, with a marketable process that can generate income.
  • Energize your life with new leadership skills that bring forth the best in others.

What's in the Training?

  • Experience the Offers and Needs Market
  • See how trust can emerge between strangers in just a few minutes!
  • Discover a liberating lens through which to view our individual gifts.
  • Explore what's beyond Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Deepen your understanding of human motivation and its role in effective facilitation.
  • 10 steps to running an Offers and Needs Market
  • Engaging your audiences’ hearts and minds in the first 5 minutes
  • Harnessing the power of silence and the Market’s 11 other design features
  • Gain confidence in convening inclusive, focused events (with guest Mike Strode)
  • Add a ready-to-use process and templates to your facilitator toolkit
  • Instructions for organizing an in-person or virtual Offers and Needs Market
  • Adapting the Market for different settings and audiences (with guest Joel Zaslofsky)
  • Pitching the Market to prospective participants
  • Discover the rush of creative potential that lies beyond our fear of breaking the rules 
  • Feel ready to organize your first Offers and Needs Market
  • How the ‘lean observer’ approach accelerates facilitator learning
  • Designing surveys to measure impact
  • Funders, clients, and professional Offers and Needs Market facilitation (with guest Tannur Ali)
  • Gain clarity on how to meet the real needs of any audience
  • Understand pathways to becoming a paid Offers and Needs Market facilitator

“I want to be trained to facilitate the Offers and Needs Market – to create community connections, enrich people's true social networks, and humanize those from different walks of life.”

Ashley Strine

Waldorf School Administrator and Market Participant

Your Facilitators

Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie Maclurcan

Lead Presenter

Donnie is a facilitator, author and social entrepreneur, passionate about all things not-for-profit. Originally from Australia, Donnie moved to the U.S. in 2013, from where he coordinates the Post Growth Institute.

A dynamic facilitator, Donnie has worked with community groups in Egypt, Australia, Europe, and the United States and is the creator of the Offers and Needs Market process. An Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University and Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Donnie holds a Ph.D. in social science and has helped more than 500 not-for-profit projects start, scale and sustain their work across more than 30 countries.

Crystal Arnold

Crystal Arnold

Lead Presenter

Crystal is a facilitator, podcaster, and author. Since graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2007 with a degree in international economics, she has designed and facilitated workshops, community events, and discussion panels about money, and continues to do so in her role as Educational Director with the Post Growth Institute.

With groups large and small, Crystal has been facilitating the Offers and Needs Market since 2017. She particularly loves sparking conversations about the taboo topic of money. In 2016, she began the “Money-Wise Women” podcast, and has interviewed over 100 women on the show. She is an active mother in a Waldorf homeschool collective.

Tannur Ali

Tannur Ali

Guest Presenter

Tannur is a mother, farmer, facilitator and poet. She is the founder of iLOGIC: Institute for the Love Of Genius In Community – a global community which promotes teaching and learning, based on interest.

Her goal is to facilitate community action and activism through education and empowerment. Along with homeschooling her three children for seven years, she has facilitated Offers and Needs Markets, arts events, conferences, social artistry trainings, spoken word workshops and more throughout the US and Europe.

Joel Zaslofsky

Joel Zaslofsky

Guest Presenter

Joel is the Connections and Operations Guy for the Puttytribe and has one overarching theme in life: bringing people together.

You’ll often find him deep into a minimalist spreadsheet, making his wonderful wife roll her eyes at his antics, or playing with his two young sons around Edina, Minnesota. Otherwise, Joel’s out walking on frozen lakes (when possible) and reigniting his personal renaissance.

Mike Strode

Mike Strode

Guest Presenter

Mike is a writer, tech enthusiast, urban cyclist and kitchen alchemist. He is founder and Exchange Coordinator of the Kola Nut Collaborative, a Chicago based timebanking initiative. The Collaborative blooms out of seven years providing technical, operational and strategic support for Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living and its distribution subsidiary, Healthy Food Hub. 

His work is at the intersection of timebanking, social economy and community resiliency. He has used the Offers and Needs Market since 2019 to assist in skill-based asset mapping. His grounding philosophy is mycelium, collaborative agility, empathic individualization, and all things human glue.

Julie O’Dwyer

Julie O’Dwyer


Julie is a designer, Co-op leader, entrepreneur, and Waldorf mother who strives to be an engaging resource for community connections. With a degree in Architecture and Environmental Psychology, she is now pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Her “Just Make It Happen” outlook draws out the best in individuals by connecting their passions to the needs of her community. Her design work has taken her from Wall Street to Burning Man and her leadership experience has encompassed schools to restaurants and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend all sessions, and how long do I have access to the course?

All sessions will be presented live via Zoom. You will have unlimited access to the recordings.

Who is the Post Growth Institute?

The Post Growth Institute is an international, not-for-profit organization accelerating the shift to a world where people, companies, and nature thrive together within ecological limits. Visit us here.

What if I can't afford it or want to barter?

We have a strong commitment to making this course financially accessible to everyone. Whoever wants a scholarship, gets one. No questions asked. Click here for the scholarship application and learn why we run the training like this.

There are opportunities to express interest in bartering with us in exchange for your participation. The Offers and Needs Market is all about exploring the many ways that we can acknowledge and share value together.

What platform and Internet connection do I need?

We will be broadcasting through Zoom. You can access the live sessions through your phone, computer, or tablet. If you want to participate, we recommended you be in a quiet place with a stable internet connection.

What about time zone differences?

Even if you cannot attend the live sessions because of an inconvenient time, you will still be able to participate by watching the recordings, reading the book, and completing the assignments.

If there is sufficient interest, we'd love to offer future trainings at different time zones. Let Crystal know by contacting us using this form if you want us to consider another time.

You can calculate your time zone here.

How much time do I need to complete the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course. We estimate the total time to complete will be 15 hours.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you decide the course is not for you, you have a full 60-day guarantee period to let us know and we'll send you a full refund. It's risk-free.

Who is this training for?

Whether or not you are an experienced facilitator, we provide a detailed plan to organize and facilitate a successful market. Join international participants who are curious about how to awaken your community's gifts. Maybe you are already involved in local community action and want to explore how this method dovetails with your efforts. Perhaps you have facilitation experience and are seeking an effective community-building method to add to your toolbox. You are likely someone who wants to be valued for your ability to cultivate the assets of your community. Life requires cooperation, this process is useful for people who participate in things like neighborhood groups/associations, cooperatives, mutual aid networks, organizational boards, religious groups, educational programs and government agencies

What's the minimum age to take this training?

You must be 18 or older to register for this course. Though we acknowledge that young people are great facilitators, we are not able to offer training for minors at this time.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Drop us a line using the contact form below.

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