Welcome to the Offers and Needs Market!

A method of revealing local wealth, rapidly deepening connections, and regenerating economies.

Developed by the Post Growth Institute

Imagine you had…
A simple way to build trust, community, and confidence.
A joyful way to help people connect, build partnerships, and meet each other’s needs.
An inclusive way to guide communities through challenging times.
An effective way to reduce environmental impact.
… there is a way.

The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) is a two-hour guided process where community members meet (virtually or in person) to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, opportunities, and needs. From finding a place to live or a creative partner to offering graphic design services, public speaking techniques or even a special food recipe, anything's possible at an Offers and Needs Market!

The Simple Process

This method works through 3 main steps:


Individuals are guided through a creative process of silently documenting what they'd like to offer others and in a different round, what their needs are.


Offers and needs are shared on each round in groups using a rapid-fire formula while participants record things they'd like to pursue.


Once all offers or needs have been shared, participants have the chance to network with their group, clarify and exchange contact information.


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The OANM Experience

Some ways people are applying the OANM include:

Also at an intentional community in Scotland, at a cleaning cooperative, in a soccer club, with an artist's collective, in a public housing community, with micro-grant recipients in California, with PhD students, in a farming community in Alabama, and many more!

The OANM unearths and shares the diverse forms of wealth we all have, and reminds us that so much of what we need for a good life is already within our grasp.

Joel Zaslofsky

Community Facilitator

I love the Offers and Needs Market because it taps into the oldest structures by which people exchange goods, services, care, and food. Now more than ever, we need collective strategies to engage in a collaborative economy.

adrienne maree brown

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

There is enormous value in people coming together for the Offers and Needs Market and exploring new ways of thinking, acting, and being.

Riane Eisler

Author, Real Wealth of Nations

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