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OANM Colsuntancy
OANM Colsuntancy

Consultancy Services

Through the Offers and Needs Market (OANM) consultancy, you (and your team) will gain tools and personalized support for convening inclusive, meaningful events.

We support you in learning how to plan, promote, and run the Offers and Needs Market: a guided process in which community members meet (virtually or in-person) to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, opportunities, and needs.

During a session you will be equipped with:

  • Strategies for adapting the OANM for different settings and audiences.
  • Agendas and unique approaches to both virtual and in-person events.
  • Communications advice for pitching the OANM to prospective participants.
  • Insights on human motivation and its role in effective facilitation.
  • Tools and feedback for event design iteration.
  • Customized strategic advice about professional facilitation.

Receive life-time access to a facilitator Toolkit with customizable materials, templates, and run sheets.

Your Consultants

Crystal Arnold

Crystal Arnold

Director of Education

Post Growth Institute

Crystal is the creator of the Money-Wise Women podcast, recording over 100 interviews with women between 2016-2020. After graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2007 with a degree in international economics, she has designed and facilitated workshops, community events, and discussion panels about money. Her courses serve to illuminate the individual’s relationship with money and value. Her written work has appeared in journals, magazines, and in the book called Reinhabiting the Village.

Priyanka Das

Priyanka Das

Director of Development

Post Growth Institute

Pri is a facilitator and has long been organizing popular education programming and supporting mutual aid networks. Pri has a working background in healthcare, tech startups, and the international nonprofit space. During a fellowship at iHeartMedia, their research deepened their learnings about the colonization of the internet. Encouraged by their experiences as an immigrant from northeast India and having lived in multiple US states, they’re committed to decolonization and building infrastructure in resistance to the settler colonial apparatus.

dani leonardo

dani leonardo

Director of Equity

Post Growth Institute

dani is a facilitator, organizer and musician with a background in Permaculture Design and youth mentoring. Bringing a grounding in ecological wisdom, perspectives from the margins, and a centering in Anti-Oppressive Practice, dani’s work centers around collaboration, co-liberation, creativity and justice. In their free time you can find dani at the piano, in the garden, and exploring wild places. dani is a lover of the color purple and a nerd for plants, polyrhythms, and Hayao Miyazaki movies, amongst many other wonders of the human experience.

The OANM consultancy really got my creativity flowing, with opportunities and ideas arising. I gained the confidence to plan and run one. Afterwards, I noticed the shift in my body, I felt energized and sure of myself. I better understood how to adapt it to best serve my audience, and how to use the tools in the Toolkit. The communications guidelines are so helpful, as is the detailed run sheet. I sharpened skills that I’m applying in my personal and professional life. I plan to use this community organizing tool in my work encouraging engagement with the Time Bank and community currency project in Turkey.

Zehra Yakut

Investment Circle Manager, Good4Trust, Zurich, Switzerland

“We hosted a 50-person OANM within a government agency in New Zealand dedicated to supporting the innovation ecosystem. Participants were so excited about the variety of what was listed on the spreadsheet. Instead of depleting energy, time at the OANM generated energy. Afterwards, participants shared it was “An unexpectedly amazing experience! Makes other half-hearted collaboration attempts pale in comparison.” Part of the magic of an OANM is that in the experience of people coming together and being generous, a rapid sense of camaraderie develops. Another participant shared ““It was lots of fun and a great opportunity to meet and connect with others across the organization.” This process feeds people a nutrient that they’re lacking. As an organizational consultant who uses many processes, I see the return on investment in the OANM is enormous.” – Meg Buzzi, California July 2023

Meg Buzzi

Writer, facilitator, coach, Los Angeles, California

This consultancy provided clarity on the ways that the OANM can be used here in New Orleans, both in my neighborhood in preparation for hurricane season and in networks of cooperatives to stimulate further mutual aid. I now better understand how to use surveying to adapt my events to the needs of my communities. Using the OANM has increased my confidence in weaving connections as a professional facilitator.

Nikka Ghalili

Co-founder, Mycelium Tech Coop, New Orleans, USA

“The Offers and Needs Market was a generative first experience for new members of the New Economy Coalition. It is one of the most effective ways that I’ve experienced to build relationships quickly, while experiencing tangible support that is grounded in genuine care. The OANM invites us to deepen trust and build solidarity. It’s an inclusive and multi-directional approach that encourages mutual aid.”

Sachie Hayakawa

Community Organizer, Portland, Oregon