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Your gifts are valuable. Your needs are important. The Offers and Needs Market is a simple, fun, and effective way to share both with members in your community and connect with the diverse forms of wealth that we all have.

Imagine a combination of speed networking, timebanking, and Craigslist. That’s what the OANM experience looks like: a simple 2-hour guided virtual or in-person process, where in small rotating groups, participants share their offers and needs.

Enabling a sense of generosity and curiosity built at the core of the experience, the OANM aims to shift the focus from the transactional into the relational; cultivating trusted connections and building real wealth.


Monthly OANMs

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I love the Offers and Needs Markets. They are a connecting force reminding us that what we need already exists and what we have to offer is welcome.” – Tannur Ali, Community Facilitator

OANM Events Calendar

Find an OANM in the calendar below and participate.

This is the list of upcoming Offers and Needs Markets that Post Growth Institute and the OANM facilitator community are offering. Some are public, and most are virtual, free and accessible from anywhere. You are welcome to register, share, and connect through these opportunities and experience an OANM!

The Post Growth Institute's OANM

  • Wednesday, June 29 10-12 PDT, and 4-6 PDT
  • Virtual (register above)
  • Facilitator: Crystal Arnold & Priyanka Das

Contact for more info:


Resilient Vermont


  • May 20th at 2:30 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time
  • In-person – Norwich University, Vermont
  • Facilitator: Lynn Bernander

Contact for more info and registration: lbernander@gmail.com

OANMs in Southern Oregon

  • Ongoing
  • In-person
  • Facilitators: Crystal Arnold and dani leonardo

Contact for more info and registration:


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