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The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) was developed by Donnie Maclurcan in 2011 in response to the isolation he was seeing emerge in his Australian community. Following early iterations, he brought the OANM to his work at the Post Growth Institute (PGI).

In 2017, Crystal Arnold began working with the PGI, and experienced her first OANM at the Social Artistry Odyssey in Ashland, Oregon. She felt people come alive, bubbling with generosity and curiosity during the event, and knew that this could benefit many people. She was hired to facilitate the market at several women's leadership conferences and events throughout Oregon. More people reached out wanting to run these events, virtually and in-person. In 2018 Crystal began teaching this process to individuals and organizations.

Hundreds of surveys were loud and clear: this was making people's lives better, across all demographics. 

Over the past decade, OANM events have been run in more than 30 locations worldwide, engaging over 1200 people. This method has connected individuals and organizations in neighborhoods and across oceans, including people in Australia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Italy, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.

Having extensively refined the process and proven the impact of the OANM, we are now sharing it with community leaders around the world.

Thank you to our supporters, including: Tannur Ali, K. Stellar Dutcher, Marga Laube, Cindy Bauman, Amanda Denbeck, Matt Scandale, Lynne Twist, Riane Eisler, Jodie Evans, Nancy Ashmead, Beth Blissman, Dee Brooks, Brandon Burton, Norma Burton, Anna Cassilly, Howard Chesshire, Loxley Clovis, Elaine Cornick, Carley Corrado, Felix Dube, Sharon Ede, Acacia Land, Heather Lee, Kristina Lefever, Grace Leotta, Laura Loescher, Annette Loudon, Tadzie Madzima, Uri Meir, Theo Kitchener, Louise Pare, Rebecca Rhapsody, Dirk van Roest, Taya Seidler, Darren Sharp, Mike Strode, Eve Smyth, Paola Sofia, Jacki Strenio, Tom Tilton, Lauren Trantham, Stephanie Weisman, Jaime Powell, Tirrania Suhood, Julie O'Dwyer, Ehab Elia, Pete Dowson, Ashley Strine, Gwendolyn Terra, adrienne maree brown, Jess and Jon Watkins, and Will Wilkinson.

Thank you to our funders, including: Kelley Buhles and RSF Social Finance, The New Economy Coalition, The Whole Systems Foundation, Grant Williams, and Barry Thalden.

From the behind the scenes team:

Crystal Arnold – Education Director and Facilitator

Donnie Maclurcan – Executive Director

Joel Zaslofsky – Project Management

Angus Finn MacLeod – Web and Video

Kathryn Foubister – Facilitator and Fundraising

Dani Leonardo – Facilitator

Anto Ferraro – Facilitator

Vanessa Michael – Facilitator

Dien Vo – Video and Design

Aidan Peterson – Web

Patrick Fitzgerald – Fundraising Director and Facilitator

Natalie Holmes – Communications Director

Nadine Mingers – Design Director

Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie Maclurcan

Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute

Donnie is a facilitator, author and social entrepreneur, passionate about all things not-for-profit. Originally from Australia, Donnie moved to the U.S. in 2013, from where he coordinates the Post Growth Institute.

A dynamic facilitator, Donnie has worked with community groups in Egypt, Australia, Europe, and the United States and is the creator of the Offers and Needs Market process. An Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University and Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Donnie holds a Ph.D. in social science and has helped more than 500 not-for-profit projects start, scale and sustain their work across more than 30 countries.

Crystal Arnold

Crystal Arnold

Education Director of the Post Growth Institute

Crystal is a facilitator, podcaster, and author. Since graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2007 with a degree in international economics, she has designed and facilitated workshops, community events, and discussion panels about money, and continues to do so in her role as Educational Director with the Post Growth Institute.

With groups large and small, Crystal has been facilitating the Offers and Needs Market since 2017. She particularly loves sparking conversations about the taboo topic of money. In 2016, she began the “Money-Wise Women” podcast, and has interviewed over 100 women on the show. She is an active mother in a Waldorf homeschool collective.

Angus Finn MacLeod

Angus Finn MacLeod

Digital Media Assistant, Site Designer & Administrator

Angus is an independent filmmaker and multimedia artist, currently studying for a BA in Electronic Media and the Arts at Bard College at Simon's Rock. Alongside helping produce various independent films, Angus also works as a Media Intern with the National Park Service in collaboration with Housatonic Heritage, creating AR displays and short documentaries to preserve and digitize notable cultural heritage sites. His desire to work with the Post Growth Institute comes from a desire to help people and the world, to move past an increasingly toxic world to one where a meaningful, free life can truly be lived. In his spare time, Angus is an avid drummer, artist, and writer, in the form of both creative fiction and journalism, and takes part in political and ecological activism. Angus splits his time between western Massachusetts and southern New York.

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