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Tannur's Experience –

“Thank You, Post Growth Institute”

“My name is Tannur Ali. I’m a poet and founder of the global network iLOGIC: Institute for the Love of Genius in Community. iLOGIC is a global village of thriving artists. I met Donnie Maclurcan of the Post Growth Institute in July of 2016. I’ve since had the incredible opportunity to present the Offers and Needs Market alongside him at the Building Creative Communities Conference in Colquitt, GA. In 2017, I presented the workshop at the Thriving Communities Gathering at the Whidbey Institute in Langley, WA, and on tour with the Soul Shakedown Revival Tour. In 2019, I facilitated an Offers and Needs Market as part of the Black Urban Growers Conference in New York City. I have personally benefited from the work of the Post Growth Institute by recognizing the power of seeing the resources that are already in the room.

This is what makes the Offers and Needs Market so special and unique: it’s a short process that makes our needs and our gifts tangible and communicable.

One of my favorite stories about this exercise is from the Thriving Communities Gathering. During the workshops, when discussing business needs and offers, someone expressed the need for a new, exciting work experience where they could financially support themselves and offer their intelligence, creativity, and work ethic toward projects that would benefit a community. There was another person looking to find someone to train to take over their executive director position at a powerful community-development organization. At the close of the 90-minute exercise, they felt the synergy of their offer and need, and both had found what they were looking for. Two weeks later, that job seeker moved three thousand miles across the country to start a new life and begin work for an incredible organization.

In that same meeting, there was someone who was redecorating their home. They were looking for flooring, lumber, and other materials. They were matched with a person who happened to be looking for a chance to give away antique flooring! The Offers and Needs Market is useful and sustainable for needs that are both personal and organizational. It’s a connecting force and reminds us that what we need already exists and what we have to offer is needed and welcome. We just need a chance to connect.

I’ve facilitated at and attended many conferences where connections are made for a moment, but their potential never comes to fruition. The Offers and Needs Market changes that paradigm and connects us to the next level of thriving and satisfaction in community. Our connections are an offer that the Universe cannot refuse.”

– Tannur “SheWrightz” Ali –

Peter Dowson –

“How the Offers and Needs Market Improved Peter Dowson's Life”

“Deep down I’ve always understood the power of community. But for a long time, I felt disconnected. I wasn’t happy with my corporate videography job or where I was going in life. Living in the city is expensive, and I was afraid to strike out and try something different.

There was a moment that changed everything for me. It happened during an Offers and Needs Market facilitated by Donnie Maclurcan, the Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute. I went along with no expectations. I didn’t even know what an Offers and Needs Market was.

During the session, Donnie asked each of us to write down three things that we could offer to the group: from our hands, our head, and our heart. I offered to share my videography skills, my love of travel, and my permaculture experience. There were around 40 of us in the room, and no one really knew what was happening. We giggled shyly and stuck our post-its on the wall. Standing back and looking at over 100 offers, the possibilities revealed themselves – they were suddenly real and attainable, and the excitement was palpable.

It turned out that people wanted to learn filming and editing skills to be able to tell stories about their communities. From those conversations and connections, the idea turned into a full-blown production agency called Digital Storytellers. We make short, purposeful films for amazing people and organizations all over the world. Today, we employ 12 people in full-time jobs, as well as a growing network of freelancers and contractors – all of us on a mission to change the world using the power of storytelling.

Before the workshop, I was jaded and cynical from my day job. I was – and still am – an introvert and had never really experienced community before. The simple yet radical group process made me feel safe enough to do the one thing I would usually avoid: I stepped into it. I opened up.

As a society, we’ve been taught to go into our little boxes, to follow this system that encourages us to disconnect from each other and punishes us if we do anything different. I learnt to trust that there’s a better way to do things. I know now that you don’t need a big bank account to make a difference, to connect with people and do something that changes your life – and most likely the lives of others around you, too.

That’s why I encourage everyone to take part in an Offers and Needs Market, or even train to be a facilitator. Once you realize the power of community, you start to see that we can change the world.”

Peter Dowson, Co-Founder of Digital Storytellers, Australia

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