OANM at World Domination Summit, Portland, Oregon, USA 2018. Picture by Armosa Studios.

Host an OANM

The Offers and Needs Market is a wonderful tool for creating an active, mutually supportive, interdependent community from any group.” – Lauren T. Ashland, Oregon

Would you like to facilitate an Offers and Needs Market?

Here are 4 different ways in which you can start your facilitation journey:


Develop New Skills - Experience our OANM Facilitator Trainings to access the full toolkit and join this nurturing community of practitioners.

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Want More? - Become a Certified Facilitator to access individual consultancy, paid opportunities, and more.

The ability to plan, promote, and run events, especially virtually, is valuable in today’s world.

Learn how to continually improve your professional facilitation skills through our personalized feedback. Through our unique assessment process you will deepen your understanding of how to create and measure your impact.

Join our community of certified OANM facilitators to get serious about developing your facilitation skills and offering them professionally.

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Let's Do It Together! - Contact us to facilitate your OANM.

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DIY - Download our free guide to learn the simple process and start right away.

“Steps for Running A Virtual Offers and Needs Market” is a 2-page step-by-step guide of the basic structure of the OANM. It includes an agenda, suggested templates, surveys, and materials to help you facilitate a meaningful group experience.

I was floored by the efficacy and utility of the Offers and Needs Market. Our organization is investing in staff training to incorporate the Offers and Needs Market as a regular agenda item in the participatory grant-making meetings we facilitate.

Ellie Lanphier

Philanthropic Services, RSF Social Finance

The Offers and Needs Market is an exciting way to get people thinking about what is most important to their wellbeing. It's been an effective way to get people comfortable with interacting through the time bank here in Chicago, which is, at its heart, about relationships.

Mike Strode

Founder, Kola Nut Collaborative

I’ve facilitated at and attended many conferences where connections are made for a moment, but their potential never comes to fruition. The Offers and Needs Market changes that paradigm and connects us to the next level of thriving and satisfaction in community. Our connections are an offer that the Universe cannot refuse.

Tannur Ali

Community Facilitator

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